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How can you prepare for evacuation?

We have had a great time thinking about how children could prepare themselves for being evacuated to a different part of the country during World War 2.

In topic, we have discussed what to pack in an evacuee’s suitcase and thought about what the essential items would be. We then looked at how this would differ if the class were being evacuated now! Take a look at our suitcases below.

In English, we have sorted the items into what would be essential and what would be optional, or luxury, for the evacuees to take. We used modal verbs to describe the degree of certainty that it would be taken.

Finally, we have written some instructions to help an evacuee know what to pack in order to be best prepared for their experience. It was difficult for me to choose which instructions to publish on the blog, as everybody worked very hard and there were some fantastic pieces of writing! The two I have chosen come from two people who worked exceptionally well and have produced work they should be incredibly proud of. Keep it up Eagles!