Improving lunchtime behaviour. 

As part of our work on ratio and proportion, the Eagles had a look at the lunchtime behaviour records.

 We were really pleased that green cards for good behaviour massively outweighed yellow ones which are given to warn that behaviour is not acceptable. No red cards have been given yet. Hopefully we won’t be needing any red cards for bad behaviour.



Today we were joined by Di and Amanda and their lovely dogs Daphne and Benjy. We walked to the woods and observed what interested the dogs. When the children come to write ‘101 Dalmations’ themed narratives, they’re going to have lots to draw on. I’m expecting great things…

Writing from different points of view.

We have been building up to our ‘101 Dalmations’ writing by exploring the same place from different perspectives; we have also done a tour of the school to see what we could smell in order to encourage the children to use a variety of senses in their writing. Grammar can be used to draw attention to different parts of a sentence and, by the end of this half term, the children will be making conscious choices about what to draw attention to using their word order and grammar.