End of a busy trip (shh!)

We hope that the children enjoyed their trip to Whitehall as much as Jackie, Mrs.Burns and I. 

It is always amazing to see the children in a new, contrasting setting and we were all impressed with their independence, hardwork and will power ⭐️

All of the running, hiking, climbing, scrambling, canoeing, jumping, nattering and laughing wore them out though… the coach journey home was very, very quiet.

Well do to all the children in Year 6 – you were fab.


Morning (after the night before)

In keeping with the tradition of all residentials, the children in Eagles made the most of their first night by devouring sweets, spending hours laughing and nattering before getting too little sleep 🙈

The boys and girls were all asleep by 12:30 am. The boys needed waking at 7 whilst the girls didn’t make it down for breakfast until 7:45. 

We’re all looking forward to a busy day of scrambling.

The Night Hike

The children enjoyed walking off their massive dinner tonight! 
We were lucky this year and walked down to the huge reservoir in the Goyt Valley. The children took full advantage of the dam wall and spent a lot of time rolling down.

We got back to our minibus after a 90 minute walk and are now waiting foe supper. 

What a fab day!