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New York skyline

After all the hard work on Friday in Eagles, we now have a New York skyline in our classroom.



This week year 6 have taken part in the Bikeability course. Everyone achieved their level two award, well done.

Super smoothies

This week Eagles have been working hard to design and make the best healthy smoothie for KS2 children.

To begin with, they designed a questionnaire and conducted research to discover which fruits would be most popular with their target audience.

Next, they presented their findings. From the research they decided on a final recipe that they would use. They scaled their recipes up and down to find out how much of each ingredient would be needed if we were to make their smoothie for 1 person, 10 people and 50 people.

Next, we wrote instructions for our recipes including the ingredients, equipment and a detailed method.

Finally, we got to make our smoothies and try them out!

The Highwayman

To complete our work on The Highwayman, this week Eagles wrote, directed and acted in a silent movie retelling the poem.

Today they performed their scene of the silent movie. We certainly have some great actors in Eagles! Also, a big thank you to the directors of each scene.

Who can make the most money?

This afternoon Eagles played The Trade Game. They worked in small groups, representing different counties with differing levels of wealth. They had to produce accurate paper shapes to trade for money. However some countries had no scissors, some had no ruler and some even only had 1 sheet of paper! Let the trading commence!

Some countries found more supplies of raw materials, some suffered the consequences of natural disasters and some even sought work in other countries where they would be more valued for their work.

It was lovely to see the teamwork and perseverance shown by everyone this afternoon.

We have also been working very hard during the mornings as well as enjoying the lovely weather.