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This morning, after the children had packed their belongings, tidied their room and ate breakfast, they got kitted up and headed out to the water.

The children had a great time and ended the trip by jumping in and having a swim.


Rock scrambling

Both groups went rock scrambling on day two. The children were encouraged to climb over, around, under and through the rocks.

All children did a brilliant job. Some of the gaps they crawled through were very small.

Day 1

The children have had a fantastic first day.

They have spent some time orienteering in the Whitehall grounds.

Group F went through the tunnel of doom.

The children then had their first meal at Whitehall and some of the children served each other.

Some of us enjoyed the dessert more than others.

Tonight we went in a night hike for 2 and a half hours. We had great fun rolling down the bank.

After a long walk, the children are playing a few board games for bed.