Today Eagles Class created self-portraits using the shading techniques they learnt last week. The techniques included hatching and stippling. I was very impressed with the care the whole class took over their work.


Rounding and investigating blood.

Today Eagles class had a very exciting day. In maths, we were rounding numbers to sort them into the correct place in the Venn diagram. We were sorting numbers up to 1,000,000!

In Science, we created a model of the components within blood and learnt about how each thing helps our bodies.

Practising the progressive tense

Today Eagles have been practicing what they have learnt about the progressive tense in a fun game. They created sentences using the verb determined by their roll of the dice. They were also able to use a range of punctuation in their sentences.Some of the work has been added to our display of WOW work for us to celebrate, peer assess and determine what makes it WOW work.

Kingswood 2018

What a fantastic, action packed time away we’ve had! From archery to abseiling, quad biking to Jacobs ladder, nightline to the disco, the laughter hadn’t stopped.

We have loved every second of it and would like to say a huge thank you to each of you for being so incredibly brave, respectful, determined, showing an enormous amount of resilience and team work. We are very proud of you.

Get lots of sleep this weekend (I know we will).


Miss Edwards, Jackie and Mr Johnson